Midi conform to Musical Scale

Hi guys, so will we be able to get Real-time midi conforming to a selected musical scale and root note?
I love the s2400 for midi but musical scale and therefore root note transposition are essential


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I doubt it, get a Kordbot. :grin:

I’d rather have the basics/essentials first - midi-sequencer ability to record/automate basic CCs, mod-wheel, pitch-bend, etc. of external synths.

yeah I have a Chordbot. It’s not at all user friendly and especially when you have multiple midi channels to use with it, at the same time.
All I want to do it to select a Midi Track, hold Note repeat and the Silder pitches within any scale with its own Root note that can also be sequenced into a pattern. OR even “strum” through a chosen Chord , monophonically, within the S2400.

It’s so great to have midi on the S2400… But having the MPC’s Scale/Chord mode for Midi would be perfect. I guess one might have to buy an MPC to accompany the S2400. Which is a shame, considering how amazing the S2400 is, and what a killer job Mike and Vlad have done with the OS.

speaking of OS? when is the next update?

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how much more updates you need? :rofl:

seriously though - latest video brad did on YT he mentions something that may be coming for 2400 but wouldn’t say in video, says maybe next week or so we hear something…

on the scales, we have them (limited quantity of course) on audio tracks but not midi which on the face of it does seem kinda strange - i would love to see them on pad settings or in midi in the FADER section of trk settings where we can select CC, rpn , nrpn - i imagine there is a strong technical reason why they do not exist by now - did you email mickey and ask him? that is where i would start as you get a real answer from the man who does the programming

@fooddude iirc there are issues with using pitch bend in the machine, cannot remember what but there were some hurdles they had to try and clear - there was podcast i dont remember details 100%

Yeah, I remember that podcast… they said having pitch-bend would be a lot of work; because as it is currently, it messes with all the other things/settings related with pitch, iirc.

In the podcast, Brad mentioned he wanted recording/automation of CCs, mod-wheel, pitch-bend, and to perhaps save a Bank just for that. So, that’s nice and gives some hope.

If anything, if pitch-bend is really not-possible or too much work… then, at least give us Mod-Wheel and maybe other basic CCs (pedal, aftertouch/breath, etc.). I’d be happy with just Mod-wheel.