Musical Scales Modes Added to S2400 Midi Sequencer and more

Hey Brad, could we please get a Musical Scales and root note selection added to the Midi Sequencer in the S2400? So all our synths will be conformed to the same musical scale.
Also being able to sequence the Root note changes and maybe making a custom scale ( although not necessary ) would be great.

Further wish list would be being able to have options like Midi Pattern Run Directions ( Ping-Pong, Reverse, X/Y directional pattern flips, Spirals etc… like the Squid ) and Note Trigger randomizations/probabilities, along with Midi CC and or/// Sys-Ex to Midi cc conversion for old synths??

That would be insane…

just a reminder… there is a section on this forum specifically for feature requests.

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Hey Flux… oh Ok… didn’t see that section. will post it there.