MIDI Banks Conform to Scales/Root note for S2400 Sliders

Midi Banks: I would love to use S2400 as the studio hub. But not having basic Scales conforms for the Silders is frustrating. It would be awesome to hold Repeat and then move the slider up/down to fire off notes that are in a selected scale with a root note setting that is available for the entire project.

But great if all midi note data from USB or Midi IN should filter and re-conform to the notes within a selected scale type and root note ( like the Polyend Play or HAPAX sequencer). As a studio hub it should have these midi tools that are offered in modern gear Ployend Play or Syntakt or Wavestate or HAPAX or any MPC etc…



This would rule. Please, please implement this if at all possible. Just sounds like a blast.


I think it does have this but in a basic way. There are 2 scale types in the tracks pitch settings when cycle past semitones. Believe one is minor scale. And pretty certain exisiting scales can be altered with the slider and recorded realtime. For me minor scaling is pretty much fine. Prefer pentatonic minor as that’s what I generally play so more scales would obviously be welcome.