Multi-pitch mode octaves?

Can you octave up and down when in multi-pitch mode?

the pitch faders can be set to varying levels, so yes i imagine octaves will be easy enough

I realized that right after I posted this :laughing: plus I’d assume with midi at some point we’ll be able to connect a keyboard to play a sample.

:rofl: we all do it

yeah midi in for channels is coming for sure

wouldn’t it be cool to see some of the kordbot midi features find it’s way in

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I’m not really familiar with Kordbot. I looked at it for a second but it didn’t pique my interest.

so brad has confirmed cc etc is on the way so no worries

they are currently working on polishing the loopers and the song mode is coming in the next couple of weeks :smiley:

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i believe Kordbot will absolutely work with the S2400. It was a long while back, but I do remember a video of Brad plugging a Kordbot into the 2400 and triggering multiple samples at a time with it. I don’t own a Kordbot that will come next, but I imagine the multiple samples were triggered via a chord over midi?