More Kordbot?

I’ve only just come across this device and it actually looks really interesting.

I’ve never liked the way Maschine and MPC do chords and every MIDI keyboard I’ve ever owned with a chord mode was absolute trash.

I have Captain Chords which is nice, but would prefer something hands-on.

Any chance Isla will be making more of these?


+1 that’s what initially turned me on to Isla, I’m getting my hands on a KordBot as soon as they become available again!

Don’t quote me, but I believe @bradholland said that once the S2400 reaches FW maturity that they’re going to do a “feature pause” to allocate more time to the KB - he’s put together an apparent dream team of developers and I have the highest of hopes for the KordBot, frankly anything coming down the pipe at Isla - Mickey is a module-making wizard, Vlad a software mastermind, Brad clearly has vision for what musicians want (and need)…call me a fanboy but I am PUMPED to see what’s coming from these guys.

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I literally came to the website today to buy another KordBot for my daughter and then I see it’s out of stock! Well good for selling out but I do hope they come back in soon. I see it already going for a premium on Reverb as well. I think the price point is perfect but if it becomes unavailable they’ll fetch $400+ easily.