Class action lawsuit

Dear colleagues, due to the lack of response from Isla Instruments regarding a working firmware for his Kordbot product, I have decided to take this problem to the next level.
Since Isla Instruments’ official communications are only broken promises, I am going to initiate a class action lawsuit against the company.

Those who feel cheated on having an unusable Kordbot or who continue to wait for promised functions from day one, can join this legal action that we will begin shortly.

As we mentioned, this is an international class action lawsuit.

Those victims who wish to be part of it are welcome to write us an email with the following information:
Serial number of your Kordbot

If you wish to add evidence of the malfunction of your Kordbot, it is welcome too.

This is nothing personal, just a claim of what belongs to us as customers and users of the Kordbot product.

The lack of response has become unacceptable and this action is a consequence of it.

Best regards to the entire community.

Literally just said publicly today that we’re going full steam ahead on KB dev now we have the s2400 fw where it needs to be (for now)
But ok… :slight_smile:


Sorry Brad, but we already heard that several times.

Totally lost for words on this - what a dick KS. A glorious day for ISLA, months of engineering/programming but guaranteed someone somewhere on the internet will piss on you. Get a life.


Show us on the doll where the kordbot hurt you.


Yeah I find the exact timing of this curious. A dick has got to do what a dick does I guess.


Why is everyone so butt hurt about the Kordbot?

I love a good firmware update as much as the next guy, but if it doesn’t happen then it is what it is. Brad isn’t obliged to bring new features and being a loser about it won’t motivate him.

Even without an update, it’s still a great USB MIDI device that helps me write chord progressions.

Imagine if this dude bought an ASR-X back in the day :exploding_head:

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man FOH. it aint perfect but i sure do use it nonetheless. threatening a mom and pops type a business with a lawsuit? over a midi controller? get a life.
he may have over promised sometimes, but you know brads heart is in the right spot.
good luck with this nonsense

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I honestly don’t know. I don’t own the Kordbot yet (I planned on getting one when the new release comes) that said this isn’t roland who are notorious for abandoning their stuff after a certain point. I get the frustration. There hasn’t been much movement due to a confluence of factors having delayed getting the kordbot the programming/coding it deserves.

  1. Brad has said it’s not abandoned
  2. He has explained why the delay in getting it the update that it needs (which are several factors)

The lack of a sequencer i guess is holding the OP back from creating hits - that and a lack of talent

The KB works, it creates chords, inversions, arps, has scales, can hook up to external gear etc. TBH the thought of a sequencer on that screen is not appealing - but people will crave it for forever and then use it for 10 minutes and get bored and blame/want something else to achieve their musical goals. Tits

What has the OP ever contributed to this world other than a stench of self entitlement?

when you need attention, you just have to let people know

21st century and all that


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Negative energy in this forum / against ISLA is absolutely not needed and welcome… The whole team is full of passion, and we are all just humans, so things may take time… spread love not hate @Kordbot_Scam :cupid:


Or the ASR 10
A modern ASR10
Would be the perfect matched pair.

I agree, it’s a great MIDI device as is, but I’m certainly looking forward to an internal sequencer, as this will likely allow the chaining together of progressions that can be independently triggered by a MIDI event from a controller. That’s way better than inputting each progression into a DAW (as MIDI) and then arranging the progressions by hand for playback/trigger. And if it’s properly handled in memory, multiple progressions could be triggered independently…all within the Kordbot. That’d be an upgrade to remember :grinning:

I’m very grateful to the II team to allow one last round of KB to be manufactured. I have ordered one and am excited to receive it in April 2022.
Does “full steam ahead on KB dev” mean we are likely to see other firmware updates in 2022?

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