Keyboard high A#/Bb not responding

Hi Brad, congrats on v6, still such a great machine - the code rework feels very tight and the midi trig of the pads is a great step.

I’ve noticed my high A#/Bb isn’t working, i’m on the v6 beta and afraid can’t confirm if this was the case on earlier versions. The key still illuminates when member of a chord, i just don’t get any response when i press the key


yeah this is a weird bug that we’re trying to track down, it’s not happening on all units
Bear with us…
while you’re there, is it behaving the same with USB midi and DIN midi, are you able to test that?

Hi Brad, this is the physical key button on the kordbot itself is unresponsive. It does illuminate (when meant to ) as a member of a chord/arp though.

I could open up the kordbot to inspect the pad if useful.

no, there is nothing physically wrong.
software team is on it.

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