Stuck notes - glitch


After updating my Kordbot to the latest firmware (6.0 beta), I’m getting an annoying random bug that is difficult to reproduce predictably but it happens too often to ignore. When using the Key+MOD mode, after several button presses (any of the Keys or the MOD buttons), the Maj13 mod button gets triggered out of nowhere. This is also sometimes accompanied by a sustained note that i can’t stop until i change the program on whatever keyboard or VST synth I’m controlling. Any help you can provide would be sincerely appreciated. Let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks!

My current setup is:

Kordbot (in USB mode)
Host: Cubase Pro 10.5
Controlling: various VST2/3 plugins or hardware keyboards



I have this same exact problem as well.

I usually (but not always) can reproduce it this way:

  • Press and hold C
  • While C is pressed, press and hold D
  • Release C

I have the Kordbot connected from DIN MIDI out to Micromonsta 2 MIDI in. No other connections.

Hope this is fixed soon. My play mode pretty much useless ATM.

Same problem here :slightly_frowning_face:
It happens erratically, but at least every fourth or fifth touch. Recently it’s stuck on Maj13 afterwards and impossible to go back to a different chord. Key Mod also quite useless over here.
Latest firmware 6.0 Beta.

Same exact issue, gets stuck on Maj13

let me join you guys… VSTs keep playing notes although nothing is being pressed…

I’ve had this too

I can confirm this exact same issue.

Me too. Any resolution?

I think we might have to wait until the S2400 is finished to get the Kordbot updated again but I’m hanging onto mine because when it finally is finished it’s gonna be amazing. I have no doubt that they can make it all work beautifully.

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Full attention coming to kordbot very soon as we tie up loose ends on s2400


That’s great news, I love my Kordbot!

Just +1 for this issue.

I was pulling my hair out trying figure why the kordbot was doing this and was unusable in ableton

Same here! Stuck key after a chord. Have to push E key to release. SO strange it was working great.

Chiming in to say I’ve got the same stuck note issue here. Currently unusable in play mode.

hey, i also have the same issue. A lot of the times when i press accidentally two notes for example C and G, the notes stuck and continue to be played. Is there an solution?

Kind of sad that no one replies

Same issue here. Tempted to downgrade back to v4 for now.

Some info on the stuck notes glitch that might be useful to some:

  • it only affects MIDI din output. USB and bluetooth are not affected.
  • it only happens if you play notes legato (overlapping). For example, in Key+Mod mode, press C for C Maj chord. Now without releasing the C, press D for D Maj. You’ll get a stuck note. If you repeat, but make sure you release the C before pressing the D - no stuck note.

(the Maj13 thing seems to be harder to avoid, sorry)

Still happening on my unit even after the update :frowning: Hope it gets fixxed soon cause its a really cool device. The midi in doesnt always trigger either…