Jumping off the Isla cliff!

Well, after hemming and hawing for years, I now have both a Kordbot (from the new batch) and a used S2400 on the way. Not much to add, just excited.

Got a bonus yesterday and went to buy an S2400 this morning and cussed the cat out when I saw they were gone. But bought one off eBay for an OK price (cheaper than what was listed) that seems to have a highish serial. Pray for me!

Hovered over the buy button when they were $949, but having been burned with crowdfunding, I just couldn’t do it. Happy to see that its not vaporware and seems to be universally loved.

Have an MPC Live and Rytm mk2, so I’m already well covered in the sampling area. But the looper on the MPC is not really working for me, and the workflow on this looks more functional and streamlined. And more inputs on the S2400.

But mostly, I just wants it!

I had two accounts on here for some reason - think its because I couldn’t get the activation link on my main email years ago and created another account with a different address. Reposted with this account - northerntao2 can go away.