My apologies

I want to take a moment to apologise for the current lack of support and state of affairs for the kordbot.

As I’m sure you know, focus has been on the s2400 for sometime.
The question is often asked of me why I would shift focus to a new product when the current one was not fully completed.
The reason is because kordbot alone was not going to sustain the businessbfor much longer.
My position on that is better to take a break from it and be able to come back to work on it rather than not be able to support it at all.

I’ve unfortunately had multiple false starts with multiple developers on the kordbot firmware. Each one wanting to start from scratch and each one ending up not being up to the task.

Our current team is utterly amazing and as the S2400 is starting to reach firmware maturity and we implement a ‘feature freeze’ then focus can shift back to kordbot.

I love Kordbot, it was my first batshit crazy idea, and I’m really looking forward to finally whipping it into shape.

So again, my apologies for leaving you in the dark for a time, I’m going to start making


Sounds awesome! But I think you forgot to finish the last sentence :sweat_smile:

“you all a nice cake to say sorry”


…it a priority as soon as I’m able.

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This is great to hear. I feel the priorities are in the right place (coming from a kordbot owner). I bought 2. No regrets. I look forward to seeing what more this can do.

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