Kordbot in other colors, matte finish, clear, steel, or wood

I’m going to get one of these eventually and have kept eye on used ones, specifically the piano black. I have the S24 ordered and am going to get the wood sides and case as well. And likely other accessories like the dustcover mentioned, filter expansions, etc in the future. I am definitely wanting to learn more with chords and melody and the Kordbot got my attention immediately, a very welcome and useful tool!

The S24 is SO class. The steel, wood, aluminum, design, it’s just beautiful. The layout and design of the Kordbot is as well! As a collector of cool interesting limited editions, from different gameboys and neogeo pocket imports that had crystal clears in diff colors etc, to the MicroGranny from Bastl, I just love having different options.

I’m imagining how frigging class a wooden Kordbot would be like the dark walnut that has been made for the S24. Understanding the complexities of having carpenter or laser cutting etc would be much more work. A clear or matt or stell/metal body would be killer too. Will get one eventually. Thanks for the forum and thanks for the work and communications w community, updates, everything, really doing great work, cheers

Thrilled to hear of the clear make a wish kordbot, having to get money together now, will be getting. all the best J

Wish fulfilled, Dec 17, 2021 clear kordbot delivered THANKS :pray: :fire:

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