Request for heads up on the clear Kordbot via email or forum etc

Hoping to get one of these, I don’t check facebook etc so hoping prior customers of S2400 or Kordbot can get an email to buy the clear one once the papers are complete before the general public gets them.

I’ve had upsetting experiences trying to get cool/ltd items before and missing out. The cool little cases for the Pocket Operator that look like little MPCs I got an email several days ahead of time what day and time they would go live on site. Then before they went live, another email was sent with a link. I went to that link, refreshing page early, they still all instantly sold out. I’ve been dying for a clear kordbot, so I really don’t want to miss out on this.

Hope the boss sees this or someone who can help facilitate us Isla customers and supporters and fans to be able to get this thing. If I can get an email or PM or something, I’ll pay right now, I just don’t want to miss out.

Cheers JSP