Kybd Midi Sequencer - Long Notes Cut-Off Upon Next Loop/Repetition

I come from the mpc60. And I never had this problem…

Let’s say I am working on an 8bar pattern, and recording in some very long, sustained, 8bar long pads, chords, strings or fx sounds. (it could even be just 4bar or 6bar long).

If I try to record these long sustained 8bar long notes or chords, on let’s say starting on the up-beat of the last 8th bar, or even 7th bar, or even on the one on the 5th bar… it’ll totally cut off when the 8bar pattern repeats on the next go around.

Musically, this handicaps creativity and kybd playing big time… this forces you to only be able to play long sustained notes/chords/pads/strings (esp. that are the same length as pattern) starting on the one of bar1. Which, will make the song/jam sound pretty boring and dull.

My ex-mpc60 never had this problem.
It always recorded the exact time the notes were held down, and never got cut-off on the next go-around loop.
Heck, even better, you could actually record notes longer than the pattern length itself…

ie: if you were working on an 8bar pattern, you could hold down and record a string that was let’s say 32 or 64 bars long.

Of course, during regular looping pattern mode of an 8bar pattern, it would keep “stacking” that super long sustained note/s and cause polyphony (and sound) issues… but, during song-mode, it works perfectly and is super useful for strings of very long pads (since it’s not looping the same pattern anymore… ie, you only have that long pad/string inside only one pattern within song-mode).

Can you please add this feature? …to be able to record long midi notes without being cut-off upon next pattern loop?
And, if possible (and even better!), make it be able to record super long notes, longer than the pattern itself? (like the example above… say an 8bar pattern, but recording a long 16-64bar sustained note within that pattern… for song-mode)



This is bothering me so so much. You know I am pretty much on board with your feature requests because we seem to be frustrated by similar things.


How would someone implement this capability from a technical perspective? Midi notes don’t have lengths, so the sequencer is just sending on/off note messages. I can see why the sequencer would send a note off at the end of the pattern to prevent weird issues with the note off message sort of wrapping around and being placed somewhere earlier in the pattern.

I’m really curious to know how other sequencers might handle this.

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Idk how it’s implemented technically/programming wise… I’m no programmer.

My only experience is my ex-MPC60 that I used for +10 years, and I could play/record any length chord/notes without them being automatically muted/cut-off upon next repetition/loop.

With the MPC, I could play/record a 4-bar, or 8-bar long note/chord (or even much much longer… just as long as it’s properly used/composed in Song mode, so that it won’t keep layering/wrapping onto itself), say on the 7th bar of an 8-bar pattern, and it would play/record it normally, as you intended.


This would be great, if possible.


I am a systems and drivers developer and also don’t know. Answering the question how we would go about implementing a change (without knowing the system) is completely unrelated to the fact of frustration when using the unit. Even developers can be users sometimes.

Sometimes, when I am at home, I just want things to work without me constantly thinking how they should be improved :stuck_out_tongue:

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I even had the older 2.10 fw on my mpc60; and I had zero complaints nor had any additional wants/needs.
Of course, it lacked in features vs. the 3000, 2000, 1000, jjos, etc.; but, it did all the core basic functions very well (actually did much more than I ever wanted/needed).

Roger Linn was really ahead of his time.

Bump (since I noticed theres a new FW, but mostly big fixes)…

Still wanting midi-notes/chords (via ext kybd controller) to not get cut off upon next loop/repetition.




Does anyone know if this issue has been acknowledged by Isla?


+1 bump, any updates from isla?