Ability To Use S2400 As Fader controller for DAW

The S2400 layout reminds me a bit of the Mackie fader interface. Not a perfect 1:1 but mirroring controls.

Fader per channel
Enough buttons per channel for solo, mute, rec, select
Input knob per channel
Function buttons
Buttons for banking

Enough for implementing basic channel control/banking/transport.

PS the MCU specs are floating around out there. Alternatively, a generic MIDI controller mode would allow for creation of stuff like Ableton controller scripts.

Is anyone else enthusiastic for being able to use there S2400t as a DAW fader controller?


absolutely. this would allow a free use of the SP workflow in software. assigning pitch of samples to faders and jamming like this would be superb. The OG box was so large but that was part of the beauty of it. BIG faders to express with. I agree. such nice faders need to be used via midi if possible. Would be very popular add I feel.


You’re really onto something there… Hadn’t even considered how dope this would be for mixing purposes.

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well if audio via usb is on the cards i see midi cc as no real issue for this team

the faders are very flexible we know that because of the many screens they manage so the cpu is reading everywhere

be very cool if it does do midi cc, we will see hehe


+1 it would be a great feature
(mix with the fader, launch some clip in ableton with the pad, tune effect with the knobs)


Another +1 here, this would be huge added value.


+1 for me too, this would be huge!

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I wrote to Brad about this and he encouraged the user community to initiate a process to develop a script if one is not already found (which should be possible). I would be over the moon if this could be an added feature of the SP2400. It would be a wonderful addition to the functionality of this instrument :slight_smile:


what would that entail?

bank a fader 1-8 equals daw vol ch 1-8
bank b fader 1-8 equals daw vol ch 9-16

FC 1 equals daw pan 1 FC 2 equals daw pan 2


what is a script exactly? like a template that offers up suggestions for how to use the faders and subsequent banks and buttons? i imagine it is not daw specific ?

sorry if i am off track

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I think he’s talking about text of the midi map. You can upload it in your DAW.

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Ableton control surface scripts, for MIDI devices.


More likely than using banks that way, you’d have track left-right nav, and 2 more buttons to shift left or right 8 channels. Solo, mute. The dual knobs could be pan + send. Then 2 other buttons would shift all the assigned sends up and down. Maybe another button for a device control mode to let you control 8 device params at once, replacing the send function.


aah cheers

wouldn’t this have to have some hardware side implementation as well, like pressing several keys on the s2400 simultaneously to enter DAW control mode?

i imagine when we enter midi mode (bank e iirc?) it will become possible, if brad has encouraged the script then that says it for me

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I think the scripts for Ableton are in python. I don’t know the full midi implementation of the 2400 but I believe midi control over things such as button lights would be necessary for a more proper emulation.

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j.m is correct. MIDI-only tracks will be in additional (optional) banks E/F/G/H. The pads will send out note on/off messages, and the faders, knobs, and A/B buttons will send configurable CC messages.


Sounds awesome if it’s possible! +1 :smiley:

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+1 !!! :heart_eyes:

Hi Mickey, pads can’t send velocity in addition to specific notes? They are velocity-sensitive, right? Can’t they stay velocity-sensitive via MIDI?

Would be great to be able to use it as a midi controller AND a sampler at the same time, have the option of LOCAL ON/OFF in a menu. so you can solely use it as a controller, or a sampler, or both simultaneously.