Scratch freestyle / s2400 ➡ serato dj via midi tracks

Just done a short scratch freestyle for my instagram.

The s2400 triggers a few things in serato dj via midi. Let me list them below if it can help or inspire someone :slight_smile:

s2400 side:
-use of midi bank E.
-same colors for pads than in serato
-s2400 pads trigger serato pads
-track E1 fader controls serato left track gain
-track E1 B button controls serato effect on/off
-track E1 top knob controls the amount of effect
-new midi map to save the above

serato side:
-linked to the s2400 via a DIN/USB converter cable (I haven’t tried USB-USB, already connected to another computer)
-midi assignment to match the s2400 settings.
-linked to the turntable via phase (wireless)



Funny thing is I’ve been sampling Serato into s2400 for months and this hadn’t even crossed my mind.


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Thank you very much :slight_smile:
If you own a top notch mixer with pads and integrated dvs function it may work better than controlling serato with the s2400 but still good to have the choice and good to experiment doing things differently.

The more I use the s2400 the more I like it.
Happy new year to everyone :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for the day that my S2400 turns into that mixer after a magical firmware upgrade.


Integrating mixer and DVS functions into the s2400 looks super ambitious. (too ambitious?)

Personnaly, I d prefer to have the core functions improved as much as possible.

The rest is welcome of course but I think the s2400 should be a super solid sampler/sequencer first :slight_smile:

And when the DVS inside the 2400 would arrive someday, it probably won’t be the turntablist dream. Although the faders are nice, it needs to cut sharp to scratch with it (might be solvable in firmware?). But I don’t see me setting up the 2400 sideways or learn to use the fader vertically.

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Yeah maybe a setting that would allow the user to customize the response of the fader or a few presets of different curve response.

I have an innofader crossfader in my QFO and I was surprised to realize that the faders in the s2400 feels lighter than the innofader.
The line faders are original vestax faders with curve control switch set to quick decrease.

Anyway, in case of heavy use, I think it’s easier to replace a fader in a mixer rather than in the s2400. So there are a lot of reasons to not mistreat the s2400 :slight_smile:

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Agreed. That is the priority. Everything else is a bonus and a blessing.

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I envision using a portable fader, like a Raiden, and sitting it right above 4, 5, 6 and using 3 & 7 as volume faders.

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Dope bro! I wonder if I can do something like this using my Rane ONE.