S2400 Synchronization feature with SERATO dj software

It would be nice to see in a feature update the ability of S2400 to be fully synchronized with the SERATO dj pro software like the Roland TR-8s is able to do so… In that way we can use it in realtime in live concerts or festivals while we are mixing songs. Thank you!

This would be cool to have, even more so if the S2400 could be controlled with timecode vinyl. I know reading timecode is something Brad had initially wanted, and sounds like the machine is capable of it

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(1) DVS is a MUST HAVE. (2) ISLA if interested to do so and if S2400 is capable to do so, can do the following: Close deals with SERATO dj, DENON dj so S2400 to be compatible with ENGINE software & the rest of their players & controllers, NATIVE instruments for TRAKTOR etc. PIONEER have their own drum machine designed by DAVE SMITH Instruments the TORAIZ SP-16 so they might not be interested.
But maybe there are djs who use PIONEER’s rekordbox and want to use S2400 instead of TORAIZ, so why not? (3) The above deals will boost the sales of ISLA.

I don’t understand. What is so special about TR-SYNC?? You can sync any midi device already, so Serato should not be any different.

Must have? How can you be so demanding?

And what is a DVS in your book? Controlling all 32 tracks independent? Being able to scratch with all your samples/multis? What is it that you MUST HAVE?

Ηi, I don’t demand anything. It’s sort of an expression sort of speak. Many djs use players or controllers, not DVS, I mean “must have” in other words it shouldn’t leave out the DVS use. It’s complicated to explain the SERATO sync… It’s not midi situation. Sorry for the misunderstanding.