Sync issues (I guess)

Does anybody know how to proper sync the s2400 with ableton live? I’m trying to sync my shit together but no success at all.

Abletons master sync and when I play it the bpm on the s2400 go nuts like shown on the video.

Help guys, pls. I spent the last 2 trying to figure it out.


Does it also sound out of sync?

From the manual: “The number will likely fluctuate…The S2400 stays in sync with the actual clock messages and does not use the calculated tempo; it is only displayed for reference.”

Ty for replying.

Yeah, totally out of sync. I have a couple more gears on the chain and they are all synced with ableton, but I just can’t sync the isla. I tried fine tuning the delay on ableton but no success at all.

:confused: I’m probably missing something.

why a 6 sec video?

why no explanation of connections? 2400 track menu and tick boxes etc

what sync are you using? usb, analogue, midi…

why is the bar looping on the isla screen?

ableton is not the greatest clock let us all be honest - what message/s are being sent from ableton?

we going to need info buddy

If you’re sync’ing via USB-B, make sure to have Track and Sync checked on “Isla Instruments S2400 Out” in the MIDI port preferences.

If you’re sync’ing with MIDI, make sure whatever MIDI output device you’re using has the same output boxes checked.

From there set your S2400 sync in the [Sync] settings.

Also check to make sure Ableton’s BPM is set to match the song BPM in your S2400, otherwise it’ll sound out of sync.

Other than that it should just work. I have sync’d the S2400 to Ableton many times with much success. It’s not always the most accurate timing-wise, but it works every time.

Isn’t MIDI sort of a bad sync to begin with? I’m not saying that the OP is not having a sync issue, but I have always noticed fluctuating tempo values with any piece of gear that I MIDI sync. My go to when syncing is Expert Sleepers Silent Way Sync and a DC coupled ES-3 ADAT output with like 24 ppqn sync.

You are right. I should’ve shared more infos. But man I tried everything with no success.

I’ll try to share more details on the weekend. Ty anyway.

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Hey brother! Ty for your time and attention, I tried as you said and I tho got better results still not that’s synced. I’ll be focusing on that matter in the weekend.
Just bought a Roland t8 and that thing syncs so sharp, it’s perfect. I wish syncing the s2400 and the t8 was easier, I’ll keep on trying anyway.

I love your content btw. You could do something with this subject. :slight_smile:

Ty for your help. I bought a Roland t8 the other day and that thing syncs perfect. I don’t if comparing it with the s2400 is right but at the end of the day both are syncing midi and audio in via usb. But the t8 really syncs.
I’ll keep trying.

If you have a 32 bit plugin bridge in your DAW and a dc coupled audio interface, there’s an old VST/AU plugin called “Sync Unit DC”.
I use it in Cakewalk and send out the generated 48 ppqn “Clock” signal (right signal) to the dc coupled output of my RME UC and from there to the S2400’s analog clock in. Works like a charm and rock-solid for clock sync.

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Sounds perfect. I’m gonna try that one… thanks, I appreciate.

this past week I kind of achieved a very good sync, fine running all the tracks delay.

MIDI itself is not the problem - you can get rock solid sync using hardware midi (e.g. cirklon to drum machine).

The problems come when you output MIDI from a computer, as computers are interrupt based (things happen on a timer - you don’t have precise control of the output timing) there is some inaccuracy (basically an amount of latency/jitter) which is very hard/impossible to fix.

Devices like the ERM multi-clock, or Expert Sleepers stuff actually use the audio output from your DAW in order to provide sync, because Audio output is sample accurate with any other audio (otherwise you’d hear timing discrepencies between different bits of audio coming out) then the midi is absolutely tight in a way that is simply not possible with a normal midi output from the computer.