USB to ABLETON LITE; 8 tracks only getting 1 sound (well so is input 2)


Hey Y’all. So I am attempting to track my arrangement into Ableton 9 lite (Stop laughing)

So am I missing something critical? Here is what I did…

I opened Ableton and it’s preferences and changed my driver attributes to be both s2400. This way I am without that latency trying to monitor the recording thru the MacBook audio jack (sans my iRig).
Now I am. listening thru the headphone of the s2400. No latency. Cool.

On Ableton It auto loads 2 midi and 2 Audio tracks (1&2, respectively) So the channel it shows is CHANNEL 1 for track 1 and CHANNEL 2 for TRACK 2. Each additional 6 new tracks I opened default at TRACK 1. This is really basic, but I have to explain.

So from here I hit RUN on s2400 and it shows up. I haven’t enabled any track fro RECORD , I am just monitoring them all. Now obviously all the tracks except TRACK 2 is playing the kick.
I only used 4 tracks so far for beat and want to use more at least 2 more tracks for the accapellas. So this will be for 6 or 8 tracks.

So because the TRACKS used are on scattered BANKS ;A1 A2 A4 C2 and then the other 2 will be on PAD C5 and C6.
(note I haven’t got a solid workflow and just been loading samples and making mad beats on the same PROGRAM and just making new PATTERNS lol and that why I got sounds spread out.)

So is my solution to get the sounds all on one bank by moving them?
Or can I just route the used PADS/TRACKS to Ableton Tracks ? HOW?
The odd thing is I can only choose OUTPUT 1 &2 on Ableton GUI and it doesn’t show a 3-8 like a MOTU or This Alesis 8 used to do via Firewire so I am confused now. This is the only DAW I experimented with. Please advise. I appreciate all you do. And thanks to the entire IslaVerse helping or learning along. I want to make videos how to use ISLA s2400 at some point so I am head first . Making good mistakes and loving every minute; really liking every minute. lol. Peace
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I haven’t tried on a Mac yet but I believe you’ll need to set up an aggregate device for the s2400 in Mac settings in order to get all 8 channels of audio. Before doing that check “Input Config” in Ableton to tell it to look for 10 channels from the 2400 (8 channels + 1 & 2 main mix).

As for banks and sound layout, no you don’t need to consolidate them. Ableton is looking for channels, doesn’t have any clue where the sounds physically are. If you want individual stems per sound you need to make sure they are each playing on their own channel. If you don’t care, or want say kick and snare together, group them on to the same channel.

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Sorry there are a couple of things I’m unclear about from your description.

Do you have more than one device on set up on inputs? Or are you just using the S2400 as the input device. You can check in your Midi/Audio under utilities on the mac. Whether it’s Ableton 9 10 or 11 this shouldn’t matter they basically function all the same way when it comes to I/O. Within this feature you can set up your aggregate device of iRig and S2400 or unique device of S2400 only.

Generally the audio on the your banks correlate with the channels so pads A1, B1, C1, D1 come out of channel 1 if you have the USB audio master pair last in the chain. If it is first then those pads sound out of channel 3. (So next I’m assuming you are using the USB in for the audio? So do you have it set up so that the master pair are first or last in the chain? This is for clarification.)

You should conceivably from that point be able to set it up so you can open 8 channels into Ableton and select the ins to correlate with the 8 channels on the S2400.

Next you go to the Ableton, as it appears you have done, and select audio input device. If it is just the S2400 and nothing else select that but if you are running an aggregate the select aggregate. (fyi make sure your sample rate in Ableton is set at 48000) and in the ableton preferences set the channel configuration to allow all the ins to be selected.

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@iofflight Thanks for checking in.

No. No extra things outside of a MacBook with Ableton, the S2400 and the usb cord.
I figured out what my issue was and it is based in the limitation of the Ableton Lite. It will only allow 4 Mono INPUTS max. And this is versus the 8 track limitation it lets you have. SMH.
I do have Logic but that seemed way more complicated to set up.

What I did is tracked all 4 and made sure channels for all my PADS were channel 1-4. this worked. I guess we will work inside these limitations Maybe dump and consolidate and then keep it moving until I can find suitable DAW.

Ableton 9 I have on older MacBook only recognized MIDI from the s2400 thru the USB cord but didn’t show up as a I or O. Maybe the OSX is too young.

Thanks for all the help. I sure I will see you soon. OUT

I was going to ask I thought it allowed 8 inputs? yeah get the at least the standard version, Lite is almost useless imo.

truth! Almost…