Midi feedback issue

I can’t seem to resolve this one. So have midi cables coming from my System 8 into the Isla midi in and out. No physical USB connections on either device and any midi in and out selected in the S2400 track 1 midi ports. The System 8 is assigned to channel 1 only, and omni mode is off.

When I play the System 8, I can see the track 1 button light up to each key trigger fine. When I record, it’s as if there is a feedback loop as it triggers and recorda every step after I’ve played a single note. If I stop recording, I have to delete the midi steps on the Isla. Any ideas?

Midi connection to my Mac or USB midi to my Mac works fine. Would rather use midi cables than USB.

If I understand this correctly, you should be able to fix it by going to the SYNC menu, then MIDI DIN and turn off Notes Out.

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sadly that doesnt work. only setting is midi → notes in. i have removed midi → notes out on the sync settings. weirdly it worked once yesterday but now the prob is back.

Hmm not sure I’m understanding the problem correctly then. I also don’t have a System 8 to try and figure it out unfortunately. I only started messing with midi on the 2400 yesterday too tbf, and this fixed the feedback loop I was getting between the MPC Live and 2400. Sorry man, hopefully you get it sorted