Midi feedback not fixed

Hi team,
I’m still experiencing midi feedback and I have tried every combination so I’m sure is the isla 2400. I have spend too many hours trying to find a solution and I’m feeling too tired and frustrated now. Are there any improvements in this respect planned for the next firmware update? Thanks for the help!
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Have you turned MIDI echo off?

Yes Rob sorry for my super late response but I was trying some other things to get it going before reaching back. The only way I made it worked is with a midihub router that have presets, I’ve configured it to send midi and not receive from prophet to the S2400 when recording and switch to another preset to receive only from the s2400 (and not sending) when the midi only track plays what I’ve recorded, it is a complex solution but keep me away from the midi feedback. I also have a question for you. I’m trying to send a Programe change message from s2400 to a synth

This is the programe change message I need to send. I’ve read the manual and went through the Alex Ball videos, but I don’t find the way to send it. In a midi only track I can configured it to send a CC value and also sequence it. But how can I sent the programe change 50 that is required on my synth for this preset to be loaded? Mickey told me it was possible but I cannot find the way to do it. Thanks for the help in advance.
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