USB Audio Channel Issue (Ableton Live, Mac)


I am encountering and issue with the s2400’s USB audio out in Ableton Live on my Mac.

The issue is that the audio from channels 1+2 on the s2400 are both being transmitted through channel 1 via USB to Ableton.

For example: Pad 1 has a kick drum and Pad 2 has a hi hat. They are on channel 1 + 2 on the s2400 respectively. When I send audio via USB to Ableton live (with 8 separate channels armed to record the 8 inputs from the s2400) both the kick drum and hi hat from pad 1 + pad2 are showing up on channel 1 on Ableton.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Am I doing something wrong here, or is this maybe some sort of bug?


Is the sample on Channel 2 stereo?

Yes! I suppose that’s it. Thank you. Feel free to delete this post!