USB Audio - Strange Input / playback behaviour on Ableton 9

Hey everyone! I have been testing out the new USB audio multi tracking capability of the machine and I have an issue where the tracks visually seem to record in ok, and also sounds good while it’s recording and I’m listening to the output of the machine (via USB through my Apollo); however, when I listen back to the recording in Ableton I get noise. And when I listen to the input (by clicking ‘In’ in the In / Out section I also hear noise.

I have uploaded a video (linked below) so that you can understand what I’m talking about, but has anyone else encountered anything like this? This is Ableton live 9.7.7 for the record, and I’m on OSX 10.14.2. Thank you!

In UA Console, is it set to 48000Hz to match the S2400?

Yeah, console is at 48000. It does sound like a sample rate error, but I can’t trace it - everything seems sync’d up.

If you unselect the S2400 as input, and playback does it do the same?
If you import a wav file and play it (same project) does it play ok?

I’m trying to figure out if it’s a problem on playback or recording. I think playback because the waveforms look ‘normal’ but the sound isn’t.

I did read online that Apollo’s sometimes need a restart after you’ve switched sample rates. Worth a try.

I’ve reset my apollo and unselected S2400 and I get the same result. When I put another aif file in a track within the project it plays normally. Very very weird! Any help would be appreciated!!

What happens if you make an aggregate device with the Apollo? (I know you may not want to run it as an aggregate device but it’s how I would trouble shoot next to see if it’s still the interface or if Ableton and your computer don’t like one device for an in and difference device for an out. I was having some problems when trying to set it up this way on my system during playback. I’m on Ableton 10 and using mac 10.13 OS with 32 gb ram and 6 cores.

It truly does sound like a buffering issue. I suspect the computer.

UPDATE: I seem to have resolved this though I’m not sure how. A series of restarts, playing with the settings in Audio & Midi setting and enough jazz cigarettes, and I’m on my way to successfully tracking. Now I just have to actually organize how I set up my tracks / loop tracks in the 2400 :sob: Thanks for the help!


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