Glitches with USB over audio

Anyone else experiencing glitches when using the USB audio outs?

In Ableton 11 (with the S2400 as Audio input device source and my Apollo as Audio output device) I get occasional (buffertype styled) glitches.
i also experienced a freeze of the S2400 when using the USB audio out function. (playing with the Pitch on a sample)

I’m on 10.14.6 Mohave btw

Anyone ?

I had a similar issue - major usb audio glitches - with the s2400 plugged directly into my MacBook Pro, while transferring into Logic. It got so bad as to became unusable. I did a ‘soft reset’ of my Mac, which cleared it all up for me. Here’s the instructions I followed: How to troubleshoot dead USB-C ports on your MacBook | iMore

Good Luck

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