USB output in Ableton11 / Silicon M1

first, excuse my bad English, I’m using a translator for writing.

I was able to output my 10 audio tracks via USB in Logic Pro with practically no configuration, but it was impossible to do it in Ableton 11.
I selected S2400 as audio input, configured the names and activated the first 10 tracks as follows:

Mono inputs from 1 to 8 naming them S2400_1, S2400_2 etc…
Stereo inputs 9/10 naming them S2400STEREO

I tried everything but nothing enters, I have armed the tracks by clicking on the red R button. The inputs are well on Ext.In

Does anyone have the procedure to help me?
best regards.

Hey @lordmac the device is class compliant so it will just use Core Audio. I dont have an M1 mac but I do have a mac and Ableton 11. For me as soon as I select Isla Instruments S2400 in audio prefs I see activity on the input meters. Here is what I set it to:

If we want to use the S2400’s USB audio and our audio interface at the same time, we make an Aggregated Device in the Audio/MIDI app, right? Never had to go down that route so now I’ve gotta plan, especially since I ditched my mixer.

Thats correct- That would look something like this:

you would then see the device in your Audio Input/Output devices in Ableton or whatever Core Audio DAW you have

Have you noticed any audio difference between USB audio and running it thorough the the DAC and then the audio interface’s ADC. I’m assuming it’s more or less the same without anything else in the signal path.

I’m wondering how many tracks one can get without significant latency… I’m running a MOTU 16A (16 + 16 via ADAT inputs), which is Thunderbolt 2 running on my 2019 Macbook Pro’s Thunderbolt 3/USB3 bus…this stuff has come a long way since USB1!