USB audio in DAW

I would like to know how audio over USB will work on Caladan. I assume it will work the same as S2400, however, I tried to find information in the user manual about it and there is no mention that I could find.

Will it need to be the main audio interface in the DAW to make it work? Or, can I keep my existing audio interface enabled and the inputs will show in addition?

I imagine it’ll be like the S2400 and am not sure if the S2400 does it different than anyone else (it’s pretty much the same as my Elektron Analog RYTM, which is a pretty different style of machine).

You can set it as the main interface and just assign inputs and record. If you don’t want it as the main interface, at least on MacOS, you just make an aggregate device, set your inputs, record. Simple as.

I have an aggregate device that’s my audio interface, S2400, and RYTM. Inputs labeled in DAW (S2400 MAIN L/R, S2400 1, RYTM BD, etc).

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If you are a Mac user, you may not know how good you have it.

S2400 is still not fully class compliant, nor is there a driver available by Isla or anyone else, to make use of all the I/O available. If you run windows 10 for example, you will get a single stereo out, and a single stereo in representing the Mix Out bus on the 2400. I think maybe people have found a work around with Asio4all, but I have never been able to get that working and it’s deprecated and buggy for me.

On Mac, you get these, plus an additional 8 stereo channels as inputs (the 8 channel outs, minus any analog filters).

Would be nice to know if this will ever change, esp with the DSP module coming out as well – if they are going to implement a driver / class compliance with Caladan, it would be a good opportunity to create a solution for the 2400 as well.

That’s a shame (after already ordering a Caladan and being a Windows user )
Elektron are the best at this. Just insert the plugin on a track and the audio is routed automatically. Easy peasy. No need to change global audio interface or set up aggregate etc.
It would be so good if Isla could make it work like this.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about whether the Caladan will do class-compliant multi-channel audio.

This would be extremely useful, especially with newer hardware “computers” supporting this (e.g. Torso S-4, Akai Live/Force, etc). I’m contemplating what I’ll use to sequence/process my Caladan when it comes in and this functionality impacts the choices.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is no, as it seems like maybe the audio will go from the FV-1 chip to the analog outputs. But I’m still hoping :laughing:

yep aggregate device is the soul reason id never use PC again for music and I was a PC DAW user for like 20 years. Still use my PC for gaming though :slight_smile: I have 96 channels of inputs on my setup and s2400 via USB is part of that. I sample into it analog because that’s where most of the magic happens and outs are digi over usb. Can also use the analog outs if need be as well.

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