Ability to "disable" the internal audio interface

So it doesn’t shows up as an option in Windows or DAW’s when the unit is on and connected via USB to the PC.

As long as you connect to your computer via USB the machine will get recognized as an interface. You could put the machine in USB MSC mode, then the audio interface functionality will be disabled (although the S2400 itself will be unusable while in that mode, so that’s probably not helpful to you).

My question is, why do you need the interface functionality to be disabled when connected to USB? You could simply choose not to use the audio I/O of the S2400 interface in your DAW/software.

Can’t you disable the inputs in „System Settings“ (Mac: „Audio -MIDI-Setup“)?

What issue is it causing you to have the interface show up in your DAW when connected via USB? Could you not just unplug the USB if you’re not using it? Or have it connected via one of those USB hubs with separate on/off buttons for each port?

A lot of times I get “Audio Hardware configuration changed” (or similar) from my DAW’s and audio editors after I turn off the S2400. And I always use my MOTU M2 when using those programs. Also having to plug / unplug every time at some point gets a bit annoying.

I’m just gonna buy a couple of those usb cables that have an integrated on/off button.

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I see, yeah that makes sense. I have a Digitakt and that machine does allow you to disable the audio interface functionality. I also use a MOTU Ultralite with my DAWs but on a Mac (and my audio hardware configuration will change as I add/remove devices as well).

Even then, for now I’d say your best bet is to keep the S2400 on during your entire DAW session until you’re done. Even with a USB switch you’re still going to have the same issue with the audio configuration changing, unless you disable your S2400 before you start your session).

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This happens to me also. I use a M4 for my audio interface.

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