ONLY USB Audio to Headphone out (Bypassing internal sound)

Hi Team,

Short Summary: I would like to hear Audio from a DAW (via USB) on the Headphone output without the internal sounds playing in the s2400.

Elaboration: I am currently using the S2400 as my audio interface, together with Ableton Live 10. I am using multitrack audio out of the s2400, processing it in individual channels of Ableton and then have my main monitors and headphones connected to the s2400 for listening back.

S2400 channels → USB audio → Ableton Live → Processing in individual Channels → Master out back to s2400 → Monitors & Headphones

I have been succeeding at hearing ONLY the processed audio, but not the internal audio of the s2400, on the two main outputs with the “USB to jacks” or something setting. However I cannot seem to achieve the same for the headphone output, even if I set USB to go to HP.

I would really like to be able to do this, otherwise critical listening on headphones becomes near impossible with the s2400 as the main interface.

Thanks, guys!

PS: I think this might go to Vlad’s department?

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