Polyrhythmic tracks

Would it be possible to have different track lengths in a pattern?

Currently, I’m using triplets, 3 or 5 bar measures to achieve the movement I’m looking for but would like to get more complex without stopping to calculate the appropriate bar length for whatever combination of track lengths Im experimenting with.

It’d be real juicey



Use loops?

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This would be super cool. I’m thinking a “Last” function like in the TR-8S.

It has a button you press and use the pad buttons to set the last step of that sound’s bar length making instant poly rhythms.

Maybe it could be a setting in the [Shift + Pad] settings area. If your sequence is 8 bars for instance, you could change the pad/track to end/loop at 7 bars or 6 or 5, etc for the same effect.


Using an external sequencer can help achieve this if available…

Get a budget polyend play Mk1 and it’ll do all that and more, and then you can record the midi (or audio) back into the S2400.

resample and loop the odd length will do it, but will still have to count. Or just count and copy. The tr8s has multiple play pointers. I’m not sure the s2400 does the same way.


no different track length
no round robin with different samples per pad
no news on the cards
no updates for basic functions like the above mentioned
i’m hoping for Christmas…