Polyrhythm and Polymeter

Would be great if tracks could break out into their own patterns so you could have different lengths and time signatures. One track could be master for polyrhythm / polymeter purposes.



Lol, are you kidding?

Well sort of, but just my opinion, this always gets suggested on forums for new gear/updates. I have no use for this but sorry don’t let me get in the way of your feature request.

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No worries. Everyone has their own workflow. But think about this - you could make more complex patterns from 2 simple patterns of different lengths (open and closed hihat). You could get even crazier with modulating different parameters with midi that are not tied to the main track length. It would really open things up.


I’ve got my Elektrons to do that type of stuff. I like the S2400 being more old school.

Don’t you think the S24 has already gone way past old school?



I believe Brad has talked about adding this a while ago. Me def want as well.

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100% for this


Yup, sounds like the octatrack pickup machines.

What’s a pickup machine?

The looper in the Elektron Octatrack.

Interesting… never hear a looper called a pickup machine. Where’d that name come from?

I’m pretty sure it’s exclusive to the Octratrack.

A pickup machine on the OT is, as mentioned above, an elektron-specific term for a track config for, amongst other things, live looping.

The request here is for what’s possible on any OT track, not just pickups. And other sequencers too - each track having the potential to be a different length and/or time signature.

Understand the logic behind avoiding feature-creep but this wouldn’t get in the way of normal function and could just be used if wanted. Polymeter might be easier to implement as would just involve adding/subtracting steps while retaining note length - very useful function


This is great for techno/house . .love the idea

+1 for some kind of polyrhythm feature. I don’t have my unit yet so I don’t know how it could be implemented, but on my TR8S each track has a last step value. I use it all the time to make interesting polyrhythms.

Back this for sure :slight_smile:

I would love this. Essential.