Pattern Lengths

What’s the story with pattern lengths in the sequencer?

Are they adjustable, and adjustable per track, or just per pattern?


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I was wondering about this the other day and couldn’t recall hearing any specific mention in the various Q&A and update videos. I do a lot of asymmetric and poly-metric songwriting using minimalist techniques like note addition/subtraction.

on gear with a single, fixed time signature this means for example; programming four bars of 3/4 time patterns into three bars of 4/4 on one track while another repeats a 4/4 phrase.

I’m also curious about the time signature. I assume most irrational time signatures aren’t feasible, but can we have any numerator over any denominator that is a power of 2? 15/8 or 9/16? what about irrational signatures effectively using triplets like 8/12?

even ignoring all that, @simon_c asks a valid question about pattern length per track/pattern. I can work around an 8/8 time signature if I can create pattern sequences of 8/8, 9/8, 7/8 (effectively bars of poly-metric sequences).

  • any Beta testers or users from the future out there want to weigh in on the current status of pattern lengths?

I know, I know. this is esoteric, fringe stuff that a lot of people aren’t interested in. I’m partly just writing this post as a memo to my future self…

signature and bar length can of course be composed and divided a number of ways, but the beauty of machine music is that you don’t need to write it in a way that is easy for a human to sight read. if it doesn’t break functionality, why not open it up to make at least some of this stuff accessible? we don’t progress musical ideas by relying solely on the techniques and conventions of the past, so why should our instruments?

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i am pretty sure i have heard it said in video we can have diff lengths per track, what video though …

time sig i am not sure but they have not been lame on any feature so i can imagine that was definitely discussed and figured out

as for it being esoteric , i don’t think so mate, even something so simple as a bongo on an 11 loop in a 4/4 techno beat is welcome, polymetric or polyrytm is definitely welcome in 2020


Does anyone know if this is on the cards for a future update? Use different track lengths on every project with the Octatrack and MPC, would be a real game changer for me if added. Octatrack’ s implementation is particularly good

Hey - just bumping this thread, are different track lengths ever likely to be implemented?

Individual track length would be very cool!!

Yeah, would be great. Individual lengths are such a standard part of modern sequencers would be an excellent addition. Love the machine but never use the internal sequencer as lacks this, step probability etc