Individual track length

That would enhance creativity a lot.


Would love that, too :slight_smile:

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Yes yes please. I wanna say I remember Brad saying he wanted to add this in a future update.


YES HE DID and is we needed for creative purposes.

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Especially for the purpose of using the S2400 as a MIDI sequencer


I don’t know how implementation would work, but plus 1 for me too.

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+1! Individual track length is def needed!! I came to the forum to see if maybe I was missing something because I couldn’t find it. Looks like I will be patiently waiting for this feature to be added.

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until they do this, IF they do this you/we will just have to use another external sequencer and 2400 will have to pay 2nd fiddle or just play have it parts that don’t require poly meters

seems a shame to do that and removes it as a central brain but for those of us that use this pretty standard feature there is not much choice, see a problem and workaround it

Bumping this one, it’s needed to help make the S2400 a decent midi sequencer and central hub


Hi, it would be necessary one day that indeed all the functions are present like a workstation especially at the level of the functions of complete sequencer so that the s2400 becomes the brain of a studio

posted a thread but will post here too, while we do not have indi track lengths we can mimic them by using a mathematical cheat, i use on OT a lot

at least i think this will get you the same results - if 2400 allows this level of nudging and i am quite sure it does, not used with 2400 yet so don’t burn me at the stake just yet

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