Is the S2400 Morphing into the Octatrack?

New talk of Polyrhythms changing pattern length per track

Next step lfo’s and plocks per step.

The more features that are introduced the more the Octatrack appears.

Steady now… :slight_smile:

The octa track has a lot of great features but what sets the S2400 apart for me is just how nice the workflow is. Feels more like working on a mixing console and more like mixing/playing an instrument than programming to me.

And the sound of it!

Very nice to get the new features though :slight_smile:

Polyrythms would also be great!


funny post and i dare say tongue in cheek?

I truly doubt they are heading that way and i would hate if they did, and i say that as someone who is very intimate with his 2xOT

although some free track lengths and OT style (they are seriously functional) lfo would be nice :wink: moowahahaaaaaa


Yes tongue in cheek but with a hint of substance. With each new feature its like reading the OT specs. Mickey maybe under the influence of Elektron. Brad should be worried :slight_smile:

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did the swedes get something on Mickey :rofl:

i think we are a long way from OT specs and will remain so - the comparison is flattering to the OT in fairness

uh oh brad be typing :rofl:

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Neither myself or mickey own or have ever owned electron gear afaik.
Tell a lie, Ian Carey and I had a machine drum around 2008 but it gathered dust and was given away iirc.


But Mickey is half Swedish yes?


everyone loves a conspiracy - well I do at least :stuck_out_tongue:

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HA! No.



well that ends that :rofl:

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It might be better to think that sequencer technology and methodology has advanced since the SP1200, partly because of Elektron. Subtle but important difference.

It’s not really WHAT it does so much as how it does it. The Elektron workflow is a little strange sometimes, but ultimately makes sense (or I have Stockholm Syndrome). Looking forward to a different vision of those capabilities, if that’s where it’s headed. Fast and friendly!

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Yeah I don’t think the goal for this device to suffer from Elektronitis - complete 180 from that in fact. Added features to the sequencer and other functionality were always intended but there is always discussion within the team as well as Brad and the devs being open to improved UI suggestions from other users. A user suggested UI improvement with override made its way into the update in fact.

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Its nice to see the S2400 incorporate cool 90s features like time stretching!


Any updates/features that introduce areas to do creative things without rendering the unit unnavigable are welcome in my book. There is always a fine line of what is acceptable, especially when speaking to a crowd.

I definitely found the octatrack both inspiring and frustrating, but I will give them props for making a sampler into a corn maze.