S2400 polyrhythmic?

Hi All

i tried to search up in the forum, but i wasnt able to find about my question
Can the S2400 do polyrhythms? Can it have different step number for each pad or patterns?

Or is there any trick doing this?

Thank you

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currently it is not possible.

Since patterns can be 99 measures long with whatever crazy time signature you want (the Zappa 19/16, if you’re so inclined), couldn’t you just math it out?

here is an image that will help you achieve it - you just need to figure out the spacing in the seq:

row 2 is standard 4/4 with a kick on so just look around from there

it was designed for octatrack hence the - and + symbols but anyway, use your brain and set quantise to a fine level and make adjustments, ok it is not proper but it is cheating the machine somewhat and may help you find odd rhythms which is the same thing just not as tidy