Sample loop point cuts out randomly [FIXED]

The video below shows a section of a sample that I have in multi mode chop. This particular section also has a loop point added to the end of it. I have this section programmed to loop approximately 3.6 times before stopping. This section along with three other sections of the same sample (still in multi mode chop) are programmed into a sequence. The problem arises on the highlighted section of the sample in the video where the loop(s) will play as desired but randomly won’t loop as the sample is being triggered throughout the sequence. It will just play the section of the sample straight as if no loop point was added. This will happened intermittently at random. The sample is located on track 5 and there are no other samples being played I the sequence that share or reside on that same track.

From the top of this forum:

’ If you think you found a bug in the fimware please report it here.
This is NOT for feature requests or letting us know how you think something could work better.

  • Be clear and concise
  • Include steps to reproduce the issue experienced.
  • Is it easily repeatable?

The more clear, detailed information you provide, the easier and more likely an issue is to be fixed quickly.’

A video on its own doesn’t really tell us anything.

I’ve given more context to my issue.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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@Cgreeniv Would you mind uploading the project?

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Sure. I’ll try to get it up loaded tomorrow when I get home from work. Where should I upload it to?

Here is the zip file of the project. It’s Pattern “0” the only pattern on there. You’ll have to let it loop about 8 times before the glitch presents itself.
The pattern is not my best work. Don’t judge me😆

@Cgreeniv I am looking at the project. Pattern 0 has no events using Track 5 (not A5, B5 or C5). None of the tracks have looping turned on. Are you sure you uploaded the correct project?

Long day Mickey :face_with_monocle:? Keep up the good work!!

The sample is on B2 and I can hear the same problem as shown in the video…

B2 does not have looping turned on.

But it loops, right?

B2 slice 1 is the one. It has loop turned on. At least when I press Shift-B, the message say ‘Looping off’. Where are you looking to see the status being loop-disabled?

Oh, I see.
In the main track settings, looping is turned off. In multimode, only pad 1 has looping turned on.
When I look at the pattern, some of the B2 events have looping on, and some do not. So, it does not always loop in the pattern.

You can see what I am looking at by going to Step Program, press enter with the cursor on the first step, then press F3 to scroll through each B2 event.
It is easier to see in numeric view: Press F2 to switch the view, scroll down and open the loop/slice parms accordion. Then F3 through the events.

True, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that the notes that are looped, are randomly getting their loop status turned off. It happens quite often: every 2/3 cycles there are loops lost.

Gotcha. I am now able to reproduce the issue.

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I hope you catch this one. Besides the ‘track setting gain not applied’-bug, to me this is the most annoying one!

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Fixed in dev. That was a tough one to track down! Thanks for your help @syah71


I suspected this one could be well hidden.

Very nice job @Mickey. Thanks a lot for fixing this one!


This is huge indeed!

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