Sample Triggers Randomly in Rec Mode

When I am recording a pattern the sample triggers randomly without me hitting the pad. It’s like it has a mind of its own. When I’m not recording, the sample only triggers when I hit the pad. This only just started happening in the past week. For months I had no issues with this.

Can you post a video of that?

Yes, I will tonight. To the bug page?

Yes, right here. If it is too big, you can post it to a google drive or drop box and just put the link here. Please try to keep it as simple as possible. Just the required steps to reproduce the issue.

It appears that you recorded a hit into the pattern, and it is just repeating the pattern, which plays that sample over and over. It would be easier to confirm if I could see the screen while it is playing.

OK, I’ll send another video. But I erased the pattern. Nothing plays when I play the pattern outside of record mode.

I think you’re right, looking at the step sequencer there’s a hit there. How do I delete it?

Fixed it! Thank you!!!