Random sample triggers during playback when cycling through pad banks

I made a demo video yesterday of a track I’m working on, and throughout playback when cycling through the pad banks there’ll be a random sound triggered at some point, usually when going from Bank D (live loop bank in my example) to Bank A - random trigger in the sense that it’ll be a snippet of a different sample each time in a different slice and sometimes pitch from anything I’ve even programmed into the pattern - seems just a single trigger, some longer than others but all very audible.

I’m currently going through the video to cut out just the parts where this happens so you don’t have to watch the entire thing. Will update with those videos but wanted to put this out there in case you’ve come across it, as has been pretty repeatable for me since.

Also totally separate and can make another post, but related to random triggering. When the machine enters sleep mode it triggers a sample just prior. Tough to catch this one on video but I’ll try, seems to be a different sample each time, or maybe just the last sound played prior to sleep, and just a quick shot right as it enters sleep.

Hey @Mickey apologies for the delay - never thought I’d come here saying I have a bug on my iPhone too, but when I try to chop this video down it freezes, heats up, then hard resets - Genius bar here I come! - to get zero help and sold a new phone :man_facepalming:

Anyway here’s the full video and the most audible examples occur just just after 4:40 and 6:50. It actually looks like the random triggers happen when I go from Bank C > live loop bank. You’ll see after 6:50, a sound is triggered immediately after I hit the bank button.

@juniorg I have watched the video around 4:40 and 6:50 several times. There is a lot going on in that song. I just cannot tell what the random triggers are. I am glad you narrowed it down to happening after switching to the live loop bank. That will help diagnose. But, first I have to be able to duplicate it.

Can you zip up the project folder, upload it, and post a link? You can PM me the link if you prefer not to post it publicly.

P.S. Sorry to hear about your phone :frowning:

Hey Mickey - sorry for the massive delay, ha yeah there is a lot going on there. So I haven’t been able to repeat this again myself. Won’t harp on it too much, but I’ll try running the pattern for the same amount of time and see if that changes behavior. I didn’t notice anything until close 5 min running the same pattern, then the hiccups. Will report back if I can repeat with consistency.

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