New firmware - retriggering samples in time

Hi all! Sharing a few bugs I’ve experienced with the latest firmware. I’ve re-uploaded it a few times with the same issues persisting. Happy to shoot video or record audio for any of these.

The one that’s most noticeable is the machine seems to have difficulty retriggering the samples when it gets to the start of the pattern. You can hear it and see a little glitch/stutter with the lights on the pads. this results in samples randomly getting triggered slightly too late and falling out of time. when I have banks A, B and C filled with one shots and loops, even the one shots within the pattern have a weird timing, like the machine is struggling to keep up. never had this issue with the previous firmware.

+ live looper bugs

noticing a few bugs with the live looper - at the start of recording, it will record a glitch like sound within the first second, which saves as part of the material. it was working fine for a few days, and now it always does this.

a few times, a saved live loop (saved to a pad in Bank A and entered into pattern/cleared), will save the loop in the pad next to it, and erase what i was trying to save.

a few times, it will get stuck on the screen that appears when you’re recording a live loop with the waveform display, when i’m not recording. turning on and off live loops in Bank D fixes it.

happy to give more detail for these if needed! i love the stereo live loops, but might have to go back to the previous firmware for a few upcoming sets until its a little more stable. thanks team!


Hi Richard,

This is too many issues in one topic and it might be better to split them, address one issue at a time and give each a descriptive title so it’s easy for the team to refer to. Otherwise it could be a bit too much for the developers.

As for live looper recording a glitch, can you please check out this thread and see if maybe that’s what you are experiencing?

I haven’t tried live loops in the new software yet but my thread’s title is still at [INVESTIGATING].

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thanks for the heads up! since my message, i can no longer reproduce the glitchy noise in the live looping buffer (not the same as in your video), so for now ill stick with the first main bug. cheers!

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