Audio/sequencer hiccup when commiting live-loop

Everytime you have a live-loop recorded in the buffer the S2400 loses it’s timing when you commit the loop to memory (A-button) or switch looper tracks which also commits the loop in memory.

This makes it’s impossible to use the live-looper for any kind of live session stuff.

Can this please be fixed? :pray:

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I have the same issue. This however does not happen every time a loop is committed but rather at certain points on the pattern’s timeline. I could reproduce the issue every time I hit the right points but I could not understand what made these points so special.

Also, it’s worth noting that the looper itself is running smoothly while the hiccups seem to be caused either by delayed sample triggering or by skipping sample start.

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I haven’t noticed it has to do with when you commit the loop during the pattern, I will have to try that and see if it makes a difference.

But when I think about it, I don’t get hiccups every time I commit a loop. But most times I do.

Hoping this can adressed soon since I’m preparing a live set and need to use the looper.

Is this something you are aware of @Mickey ?

We are aware of it, and the AE programmer is looking into it.


Great, thank you!

I also get them, the same when I activate live-looper by shift-F4, then I get it always. I have noticed that if I press A button short after recording the looper I don’t get them but the latter I commit to memory the more I get them.