Input Monitoring Issue

First off thanks so much for the update to the Live Looper! :clap: This thing is turning into an awesome performance machine. Unfortunately, there are still a few things that kinda get in the way, mainly regarding the input monitoring.

First an actual bug: The input monitoring is behaving weirdly when I tick the “analog input” box while it’s set to 1&2, a lot of times I’ll hear 3&4. If I want to actually hear 1&2 I’ll have to switch to 3&4 and back. Sometimes it doesn’t do that after changing it the first time but when I go to the live looper with input monitor enabled on some individual tracks and then go back to this menu it’s back to this issue.

It’s weird to me that the “analog input” of the input monitoring menu cancels out the live input monitoring of individual tracks in the live looper. I might have something coming in on 3&4, which I’d like to monitor all the time, even while I’m monitoring my live input of a looper track from 1&2.
Another way of solving this would be a way to lock the live input monitoring of individual tracks. So I could for example have input 3&4 always coming in through track 8 of the live looper, even while I have latched input monitoring of 1&2 on other tracks of the looper.

Another thing that has been reported for a while that is a real issue for the live looper being used in a live environment: When I monitor something through the S2400 and I wanna record a loop, the signal will effectively be doubled when I have “monitor recording” turned on. But I have to have “monitor recording” turned on because otherwise there will be a gap in the loop until I’ve committed it from B to A.
The way I use it, it would make much more sense if “monitor recording” would start AFTER I’ve played it, but before committing to A. So basically it would be a monitor of whatever is in the temporary B memory.
Or the other way round: That the playback of the recording would be heard on B as well, not only after committing to A. Meaning I wouldn’t need the “monitor recording” option.
I hope that was clear :sweat_smile:


Here’s an example of the 3rd issue with the monitoring doubling. Meaning it’s not possible to seamlessly start looping a note without a kind of pop in volume. This could be nice in some cases, but the option to turn it off is essential for me.

Audio example