S2400 Bug - Live Loop Commit Gap / Skip / Glitch

There’s a glitch with the Commit Action that transfers the Live Loop Recording Buffer to the active loop. (ie: When you press the ‘A’ button to commit the loop, or click to another track, which commits the previous)

Right after the commit occurs, there is a gap of no audio, and also there is a skip/glitch with nearby beats, where the beat may be delayed.

Below, I took some screen grabs from Ableton Live of recording, one with the previous bar at the same point (while the loop is still in recording buffer), and another right at the point when I committed the loop. They are lined up exactly, and the image shows the gap and delay of the following downbeat.

This is in the latest firmware (Mar 17, 2021)

Hope this will be fixed soon. I bought the S2400 for its live loop capabilities.

Also, mentioned in a separate thread, but the (Input Monitoring: Off) really needs to be addressed too. It’s not really truly Off, if it turns back on every time you are recording a loop. Need a way to have it only playback what’s already in the buffer, and not live repeat the input… otherwise, any professional setups where the instruments are live monitored through main mix/recording setup will have duplicated audio whenever its recording, and all the constructive interference / volume gain and slight phasing issues.

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Thanks. The commit gap has already been reported, and is fixed in the next firmware update.

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That is great news! Thanks for the response, Mickey.

If you can look into the (Input Monitoring: Off) issue as well, that would be awesome. Just need a way to have it truly be off, even when a Pad Loop is recoding… It should only play what’s already been recorded in previous passes in the buffer, and not retransmit the incoming signal… as to avoid doubling / constructive interference when the instruments are already live monitored through a mixer/recoding setup.

Once that is fixed as well, this machine will be an ideal Live Looper setup for dawless hardware jams… I plan on making some videos featuring this type of usage with multiple synths and other outboard devices.

Cheers… and congrats on the S2400… great machine!

  • Jason
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