Glitchy input monitor when recording live loops

I’ve had this problem happen a few times over maybe 10 hours of use the last two days. When not recording a loop the input monitoring works as expected. But when you start recording the monitoring signal glitches out. Those glitches are also recorded to the loop.

I can’t tell how to reproduce this unfortunately.

One time switching to another looper track and back again fixed it, but another time it didn’t and I had to restart the machine. Both input monitor setting (global) and each looper track was set the same:
Input 3&4
8 Loops
2 Banks
Outputs 5&6

Do you think it’s relevant to my issue?
It sounds exactly like it from what I am reading and hearing on the video, although not very audible through my phone speakers and the music context. Almost like a buffer catches up and overlays signals.

I know you all probably hate me for trying to link everything to that issue but give me some credit for trying

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I don’t think it’s connected unfortunately…

This bug made the input signal drop in and out constantly, not just a single noise or anything.
Almost sounds like a loose/glitchy cable, but it’s not cause it sounds alright when the loop is not recording.

This is so strange.
Yesterday I had this problem again. Hadn’t used the machine for 16 hours, turn it on. All 6 projects I tried had this happening and they all worked great the day before. I restarted the machine several times without it fixing the problem.

Then I changed from inputs 3-4 to 1-2 and didn’t have the problem for the rest of the 4h rehearsal.

I’m playing live tonight so I reeeeaaaallllyyyy hope this doesn’t happen…. Scary shit!

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I also get my issue only when recording loops which is audible through input monitoring. It does not happen when it’s just playback with
monitoring (i.e. not recording the live loop).

Maybe you could upload the recorded loop here so that we can hear what’s going on better? It will be helpful if it’s just one continuous waveform so that it’s most evident and reduces potential misunderstanding.

And then I realized that changing inputs really does nothing

Will do that in a few days, whenever it happens again!

Out of 4 days of really heavy use rehearsing with a band this has been happening 3/4 days, so it’s not just a small thing that should be overlooked and not fixed.