Volume drop when recording live loops on input 2 or 4 [FIXED]

There is a very noticeable volume drop when recording a live loop track using inputs 2 or 4 compared to when just monitoring. Recording live loops on input 4 also has some noise added that is not there when only monitoring. The noise is also recorded with the loop.

Here’s the steps to reproduce:
Mono instrument (a synth in this case) plugged to input 2 or 4
Input monitor settings:
Input jacks 1&2 or 3&4
Input gain x10
Input mix Right
Output level 99

Faders are all the way up and filter is zeroed, I triple checked just to be sure.

If I monitor the signal in mono (just the Right channel) there shouldn’t be a volume drop right?

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Can’t reproduce this here. The only thing that I can think that would cause it would be the Live Loop mix fader being down, as that doesn’t affect Input Monitoring, but does affect the record/playback of LL. But you say you have fader up.

Yes the fader is definitely all the way up. I’ll make a video and post here when I can.

I did listen through the headphone jack if that makes a difference when you try to reproduce the problem.

Edit: the problem is also there when listening through the master outs.

I have noticed something similar when recording live loops - I kind of tracked my case down to when some previously configured filter settings cut out some of my tracks audio signal, which can be perceived as a volume drop. I have the habit of checking my track filter settings and gain levels before I record my loops now. Not sure if it is the same on your end - happy sampling :call_me_hand:

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Mine is dropping around 6dB when Live Loop Record is engaged vs Input Monitoring level on the right channels (2&4).

Input Jacks: Line1&2 (gain calibrated) or 3&4
Input Gain: x1
Input Mix: Right
Output Level: 99

For Dev: This bug is causing my Left and Right Input channels to behave differently. Both Left channels (1&3) will not drop level when Live Loop is engaged. This just happens on my Right channels (2&4). To test this, only plug one cable into a single 1/4" jack at a time. I find that my Right channels behave properly when I have 1/4" cables plugged into both Inputs, playing the same test tone.

** There is still an intermittent issue that requires choosing USB as the Input Monitoring Source, then choosing Analog as the source again to remedy. **


I have the same problem that when ever you change input monitor between 1&2 and 3&4 you have to change live looper source to usb and back for it to work when looper bank is active/open.

I didn’t have the volume drop when jamming out with the looper today so I got super confused because I was 100% sure I had it yesterday. I have to try the right side input and see if it was that, I think I was using the Right input when I think back on it. I used the left one today without problems.


I did some testing now and you’re right, well spotted!

When input monitor is set to listen to the Right channel and you have something mono plugged to input 2 or 4 you get a significant volume drop when the live loop starts recording compared to the monitored signal. This volume drop is also there when the live loop plays back after recording. Left inputs 1&3 are fine, the problem is only there on inputs 2&4.

I also noticed now when I did some testing that I get some noticable hum noise when using input 4 in mono, the other inputs seem fine. The hum is not there when monitoring but becomes audible when the live loop track starts to record, and the noise is recorded to the loop. Does not happen with input 3, or 1&2.

Do you get a hum kind of noise on input 4 when recording?

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I was a little of in my first post here and realized after reading what finalisage wrote that this problem is with the Right input (2&4) Read the latest post here and the one from Finalisage and you should be able to reproduce the problem, at least I could this morning.

I also edited my original post to be correct.

Brilliant, I’ve managed to recreate. Thanks @finalisage and @Melkerpetterson/ Good sleuthing! :+1:


Glad to help! Yes, I do get a different, more noticeable (higher pitch) hum on channel 4. It occurs when the USB cable is hooked up to my computer, so I assume I have some sort of ground issue going on. If you listen to just the Input Monitor, switch between 1&2 and 3&4 with nothing playing in…you’ll hear the difference in noise between them. And, you can see how the noise goes away when the USB cable is disconnected.

For Dev: You probably already know this, but I had suspected that the reason the Right channels behaved this way (dropping 6dB) is do to a programming error that still treats ‘Right’ as ‘L+R Mixed’ when Live Loop Record is engaged. I tested my theory this morning, and that’s exactly what’s happening :+1: :+1:

fixed in dev