Input Monitoring: Off

Using it as a Live Looper for external synths / mics:

I’ve set Input Monitoring to OFF, as my synths/devices are directly live monitored through my mixer, and I’ve got a loop recording mixdown that goes to S2400 inputs for live looping. This Monitoring OFF setting works as expected when loops are not-recording, but as soon as a Pad Recording is activated, the Live Input is being retransmitted directly out, resulted in input monitoring effectively being on and doubling the signal…

Request: If Input Monitoring is set OFF, can the behavior be adjusted to not immediately output the incoming signal, and only output what’s in the recording buffer from previous passes? Or can a third option be added to Input Monitoring to cover that… if there’s some use case for the current behavior?

I want Input Monitoring fully off during both play and recording of live inputs, with that setting. That’s how my other loopers operate… ie: Boss RC units.