Mute during record a loop

It would be great 2 mute the sound from the looper when I record cause it sound twice when I play on the play on the playback and i record the loop

hi , welcome :slight_smile:

in my limited looper experience that is the way loopers work, we listen as we over dub

you could always simply mute it and record to new looper pad next door or turn off monitor?

You could have the track muted and record as many overdubs you want without hearing anything?

Not sure I understand what you want to do…

I would like to listen my bass from an other source then rec a loop without listen the source from the loop and when I push the pad I listen my bass rec on the loop plus my bass from an other source

Doesn’t it work that way if you just have input monitor set to off?

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on the ableton looper there is this option input-output :always, never ,rec/Ovr etc

Not familiar with the ableton looper but if you just want to hear your loops on playback and not monitor through the s2400 while recording I think you can do that by just turning input monitoring off.

Not sure what the options the ableton looper gives you means…

sorry for my bad english so I would like to use the looper like a bus and when I hit the pad it s mute until the playback start I think its easy to do in feature