Still some click/pops when commiting live looper buffer [IN PROGRESS]

Since the last updates this problem has become much better but there’s still some clicky digital pops when commiting the live-loop buffer of a looper track.

Doesn’t happen all the time but if you’re using all or most looper tracks you get click/pops regularly.

The click/pop is much shorter and quieter than before but still there :slight_smile:


Do you mean this issue?Live loop recording adds unwanted signal [FIXED] - #15 by cfd2

I had this happen to me quite a few times after the update too and thought I was crazy. Although I agree, it doesn’t happen as often as it used to be.

No that’s not the same issue. This problem is only present when pressing the A-button (commiting the loop buffer) of a looper track. The pop sound is only present at the moment you press the A-button to commit the loop, not when the loop is playing back.

I believe I have this issue as well.

Yup, I have that too. I would looooove for this to be fixed. The live loops is something I use a bunch. But as is, I’d have a hard time recording in fresh loops in the show.