How do I get the click out of Live Loops?

Is there a way to microfade or crossfade the beginning and end of a live loop? I’m getting a click in every live loop.


I was messing with live loops the other day and hit a brick wall with this.

I had a midi track triggering an external synth going to my mixer and then from the mixer to inputs 1&2. After recording one soft pad chord in the looper and saving to sample, I tried to record another one and couldn’t get rid of this weird click and phasing sound near the start of the recording.

After an hour of multiple takes and troubleshooting I gave up out of frustration and just sampled it, where I had no audio issues. Nothing had been altered in the signal path between the first successful loop recording and the erroneous one. I even re-patched my audio cables directly from synth to S2400 to bypass the mixer for my own sanity, to rule out anything amiss. Same result.


We should move this to bug report thread, though I’m sure @Mickey knows this already?

Clicks are more @av500’s area.

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Also expereince this issue after saving live loops to samples and triggering them as samples. They loop nicely as live loops but after they are converted to samples they click when triggered by the sampler, which requires me to adjust the sample envelope and thus fade in/out killing the pristine looped sound of it…

That is a lot of words but im trying to be detailed :-]

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