Still huccupps from live looper commit

There still seem to be some problems with committing live loops.

I’m having some timing hiccup happen but most of the times this problem occurs it just a digital noise glitch which you can hear in the video. Sorry for the low volume and one hand bass playing, only had headphones and two hands.

I haven’t experienced this when using fewer looper tracks.
In the video tracks 1-7 have a 4 bar loop commited and I’m commiting a loop to the 8th track.

Not sure if it’s any help but as an experiment I also tried erasing track 4 (just picked one random) and I did not have this noise when committing a new live loop to this track.

Usb and analog input 3-4 is set to on in input monitor settings and looper source is set to analog.

Latest firmware.

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Here it is again. This time I got the digital sound glitch when committing a live loop to tracks 5-8, but committing to tracks 1-4 doesn’t produce these sounds.

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