A few questions about live looping

First time I’m trying to use this function so forgive me if I have missed obvious things. Before I write bug reports or feature requests I prefer to ask questions and share thoughts.

The context is at night with headphones. Which I think makes it a bit more difficult.

  1. In sample mode does the incoming signal goes till the headphones? It seems I can’t hear anything.

  2. What do you think of the software gain multiplier X10? In this loop live context I don’t think it is enough. A broader range with precise steps would be appreciated.

  3. How do you manage the volume of the input monitoring and the playback volume inside the s2400? If you use inputs 1&2 do you adjust with the trim knob at the back? What about inputs 3&4?
    Maybe it is best to set the output volume of the external device rather than trying to adjust volume in the S2400?

One thing I wish was there from the beginning is a different layout for the input trim knob.
Not put at the back panel but next to Mix Out, Phones volume next to the phones output jack for example. Anyway, looking at all the menus and the options in the looper makes me think that for example it could be nice to have an option for the knob for each track to be linked with the software gain multiplier. To sum up, not only filter options but also “gain” for knobs.

One thing I think is clever is the way it is possible to toggle between levels, waveform and input monitor scope with the LEVEL button. I like this :slight_smile:

About question 1 I’ve just realized that if I press input monitor after entering sample mode there is an option “when sampling”.

I did the contrary. First turn input monitor on then go to sample mode. Couldn’t guess I had to turn it on again to activate “when sampling”.

Let me write a separate feature request. To include the “when sampling” tick box in the general menu or to include input monitor in the sample mode menu.