Stepped front panel input gain

This is one of those cases where a solution exists but ergonomically it can be improved.

Right now, input gain can be adjusted from the front panel by the following: x1, x10, x100. However, I often find that these don’t quite work and reaching behind the machine is a pain and not visible. Walking over to the mixer is also a pain. Yes, I know - first world problems.

Front panel adjustments in steps (x1, x10, x20, x30, and so on) would solve this problem. No break in workflow and every other device on the market has front panel controllable input gain or record/ sample level. Just a thought…

I agree that reaching for the input gain trimmer causes an interruption to the workflow. But I also think using the buttons to adjust the input gain causes an equal amount of workflow disruption. So… I agree, first world problems :slight_smile:

I know that you’re joking but for those that may not know, the adjustment for sample gain is already implemented on the sample page so it’s just an addition to the options already available.

The place where I have needed the most fine input gain adjustment is with live loops. For the most part, with the sample page, I just set it to whichever setting gets me the closest to max level without overdriving the inputs, and from there I will just hit “Level” to increase the sample level to 0.0db.

For the most part, I am sampling at line level so I can “set and forget” the input trimmer for the sample page despite sampling several different sources. When sampling in live loops, I almost always need to adjust the trimmer (because I don’t normalize the loops afterwards like I do my samples).

I always saw the input gain options in the sampling window as essentially line level vs. instrument level.

The X10 and X100 gain is a hardware pre-amp. There are only two choices because that is how the hardware is built. If you want software gain, then do that via mix mode. The max gain can be set higher than 0dB (press Shift+A in mix mode).

Unless I’m missing something, software gain is a “post” setting. If I’m overdriving inputs at x100 but underdriving x10, then boosting gain after the fact will only turn up the volume on the noise and not the good kind of noise.

bottom line is we cannot add more pre-amp gain options.


This idea may be frowned upon round here but -

Getting that hardware trim pot somewhere else on the S2400 is probably not impossible, having said that I haven’t opened up my one to actually verify that!

I’m personally having no issues with the present input trim location and was pleasantly surprised at the sound running my bass direct in boosting using the S2400 pre.

One problem with relocating the trim knob if moving it to the front in some capacity would be that it would always feel like you were turning down the input when upping the gain!