Gain settings constantly ignored? [FIXED 454]

Any ideas why the gain settings just keep being ignored?

So I have a quiet sample, gained to +11, I go into a menu, change something, and it starts playing at 0db. Seems totally at random and happens constantly (literally like 4 times in the last 5 minutes). Seems no matter what I do on the machine it changes the gain back to 0db, but still shows at 11, if I move it + and - 1 db it’s back to +11.

So strange, much confuse. Any help appreciated, but guessing the gain is just buggy atm still, since there’s a similar thread about it resetting on project reopen, which it also does do.


To say this happens a lot would be understating it a lot. Literally every time I go to a different menu or do/ change anything, the track I’m working on reverts to 0db.

For instance, I just reset this track’s gain, clicked on envelope page, reverted back to 0db again. I don’t get it lol.

I’m sure it will be addressed in the next update since the other bug report is marked as [in progress] Brad said the update is coming soon. So hopefully in the next few weeks or within a month or two. This update should be a pretty huge bug fixing update since we haven’t had an update in around 6 months. :athletic_shoe: :beetle:

Cool cool, figured that was the case. Cheers!

Yeah I submitted the same bug and pretty certain it’s marked as in progress. It has rendered the S2400 as unusable. One workaround is to just use the volume automation instead (i.e set you volume levels via the volume slider and step editing). Obviously doesn’t help if you want to boost a quiet sample but you can essentially get everything to the same level and try and sample at a higher volume so you are only ever reducing volume not boosting. But again this is a workaround not a solution. Hopefully bug fix will happen soon.

if you touch each fader when opening up your projects. Like just move them a bit, it will put the volume back to where you had it. I’ve noticed this in my first couple days. Just a quick little fiddle with each one and your good…

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I’m talking about gain in the track settings, not level… I haven’t noticed the level changing randomly yet. Please don’t tell me that does it too lol. This is one of the many reasons this machine is currently a really expensive phono pre amp for ripping vinyl, and doing some processing. It’s just not very stable yet, point in case, got it out again yesterday to see how I got on with it but I found myself fixing something that bugged out about every 10 seconds for several hours.

I have hope it’ll get there though, the foundation’s there, just needs a bit of touching up now :slight_smile:

Yes i know what your talking about. the gain. If you start a project, dont push level, and you just adjust each fader slightly and go back to the top position, the gain function seems to re activate at the db you have originally adjusted it to. I’ve talked to others about this in the past. Also sometimes after slicing, you may have to do it again because that can reset the single track you are working on that you had edited.

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OK so if that is the case, that is even weirder then lol.

Just to reiterate how much it was happening yesterday. It wasn’t happening once per channel, it was resetting EVERY time I did ANYTHING. Go to a different menu, resets gain. Go to reset gain, come out of menu, resets gain. Go to a different track, resets gain. Basically, gain is unusable.

I ended up turning everything else down, which defeated the point.

I know for mixing turning everything else down is in fact the correct choice anyway, however in this case, it wasn’t and I wanted to push the sound a bit, but in the end, couldn’t do it.

interesting. you maybe experiencing slightly different behavior than mine then. I just have to adjust each fader of each bank/track at the start and it puts it back to where i had it before turning off my machine. It usually stays, but sometimes after slicing one of them I’m working on goes back up. Honestly thats what happens… Atleast for me. I wonder if there are others with your issue.
Are you using the 2 Mix outputs? The 8 outputs? or the USB? I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
I use the mix outs as I make a beat, but I do use the USB out a bit more right now(I know it bypasses the filter) for tracking out.

Just using main outs at the mo…

ok word. same here. must be something your doing different or just your machine. To let ya know, I dont f*ck with levels, or anything like that. I just mess with the gains.

Very strange, here’s hoping the next update takes a look at it then. Def looking forward to what the future updates bring. Box sounds great, and it’s really not far off being great overall, just needs a few kinks ironed out imo.

I get the same issue on every project. No idea how it could possibly be different on another machine unless you were not applying gain adjustments via track settings. I use the individual analog outs not the master.

Anyways should be resolved with next update which is good.

What do you mean by apply them? Maybe I’m missing something…

Sorry was referring to other users not experiencing this bug. Is odd some users are experiencing this and others aren’t. Prob didn’t articulate very well.

having the exact same issue. my S2400 feels haunted, so many bugs that randomly appear, but this gain level bug is sadly consistent.

There are work arounds for gain problems so I can’t see why anyone would regard the machine as un-useable because of a small bug like the one reported here.

That’s not to say the issue shouldn’t be fixed!! but there are plenty of ways to make sure you get max level on a sample.

  1. Number one….go in as hot as you can.
  2. Hook up the s2400 to a computer, look in the project folder and pop the sample onto an editor and max it there. (not sure of all editors will deal nicely with 12 bit 26khz)
  3. Connect an out to an in (monitoring off!) and re-sample whilst maxing the input gain.

I’d probably go for 3 over 2 depending on how it was effecting the sound….might add some desirable something! But solution 1 is THE WAY.

I do realise though that with a sliced multi not all slices will benefit from solution 1, so solution 3 would be my workaround for pushing the levels of quiet slices.

Setting gain is for me is the expected basic key feature of any multitrack sampler, above and beyond adjusting pitch,etc. I find this gain bug very problematic for general use. I get there are workarounds but it makes the machine extreme fragile to use. I actually finished a track entirely on S2400 the other in day and avoided the issue, but I’m very wary of the bug still.

Of course, the issue is listed as being fixed so it i look forward to no longer to talking about it. This is def not a minor bug for me.

Although your tips are welcome still. The manual resample idea is quite neat actually.


I’m looking forward to the fix. Like others have said the workaround is to nudge faders on project load.

Been doing it for 7 months now and fed up with it - bring on that update :pray:t2:

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